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To mark International Nurses' Day today, Thursday 12 May, some of our wonderful nurses have been sharing their most vivid and poignant memories of giving Covid-19 vaccinations to patients visiting our Askham Bar site during the pandemic. We wanted to share them with you:

"Whilst working as Lead Nurse at the site, a gentleman was brought through to the cabin who had many phobias and needles were one of them. He sat on a chair and watched what was happening during the session for around an hour and l kept chatting to him, asking him how he was feeling or if there anything l could do to support him. He told me he had been watching me vaccinate and said l was very gentle and caring and that he wanted me to vaccinate him. After a while he agreed to go in treatment room and allowed me to vaccinate. He was so thankful and delighted he'd actually had the vaccine. I understand that he later became a volunteer at the site due to the care he had received. I was humbled by his kindness."

Michelle, Lead Nurse.

"I remember that first shift; the build up. Knowing that I, along with lots of my nursing colleagues, would be administering the very first vaccines in York. In all honesty, it had led to a sleepless night before that very first shift. Into the unknown, the excitement of it all. Knowing we could make a difference, a small difference. That first shift, turning up far too early on a bitterly cold winter's day. The cold of the tent, how busy it was with the buzz of patients and volunteers, the gratitude of everyone, the ' thank yous', tears and warmth - I felt it all. Shaking as I prepared and gave my very first vaccine, and feeling like this was the very first injection I had ever administered in my 15-year nursing career. Remembering, even now in vivid colour, the lady in her 80s who had her sparkly Christmas jumper on. She cried with happiness and hope for her future, as I gave her a vaccine. The silent tears I shed afterwards, the hugs I couldn't share with my own Mum due to lockdown. The loss of my own family to Covid, fresh in my mind. I will never forget the first vaccination shift at York Vaccination Centre at Askham Bar. Never."

Sharron, Practice Nurse.

Happy Nurses' Day to all our wonderful nurses, and those across the city and beyond.

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